B50 Salt Removal


What does B50 do?

B50 Concentrate is a cleaner that not only removes mild to medium soils, grease, oil and hydrocarbons but also removes even the harshest of salt build-up. Use B50 on your boats, vehicles, shipboard equipment, clothing, etc anywhere salt is a problem! Spray it on, broom it on, mop it on.

What makes B50 different to other cleaners?

Fresh water, which contains chlorine and ordinary soaps, which for the most part contain salt as a building agent, will not remove stubborn salt film from surfaces. This film is the first stage of corrosion. Most detergents have salt in their ingredients. B50 works quickly to deactivate, dissolve and remove this salt film, thus extending the usable life of any surface exposed to salt. A unique corrosion inhibitor in B50 actually leaves a dry, non-oily coating to protect temporarily against further salt exposure.

B50 will not only clean but also put on a protective coating to stop salt corrosion. Buster50 is not oil based, so it does not attract sand and grit. It destroys harmful salt while removing dirt and grease without harsh scrubbing.

Who uses B50?

B50 is non-toxic and environmentally safe. Repeated use of SX50 (which is a major part of B50) in the field by retail, industrial and military customers has shown that when used regularly as part of a “Preventive Maintenance” program, B50 removes even the harshest build up of salt and salt film from all types of surfaces, without harming paints, oils, greases, fabrics, rubber items, plastics etc. and will add years to the useful life of equipment. If no cleaning is desired and you simply want to remove salt, we recommend you use SX50.