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Save your vehicle by using Salt Off Boat & 4x4 Wash

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Taking your 4x4 off road or on the beach is a great Australian pastime. The only big job to do once the holiday is over is 4wd maintenance.Boat & 4x4 Wash has been used for years by 4x4 owners and it is an excellent 4x4 accessory for removing soil and corrosion after an off road adventure. It is safe on your paint work yet extremely effective on the underside to remove corrosive soil and salt buildup. Boat & 4x4 Wash replaces other 4wd accessories for corrosion control and can be used every week in place of your normal car wash. The metal protectants and wax in the formula look after all the surfaces keeping the paint and underbody rust free.

Salt Corrossion 4 wheel drives on Beach


Salt Away performs poorly in Salt Water Corrosion Tests: 

Salt Away performs badly in Salt Corrosion Test



 We found these multi-grips down the paddock lying in the grass. I dropped them in bucket of SX50 solution for 24 hours. When I got them out they did not look much different until I wiped them down with a rag. All the rust came off onto the rag and I had a clean almost new set of grips again.

 The results after an overnight soak in B50 solution. Try doing that with the other products. Saltoff products do so much more.

Rust Removal and Salt Corrosion Removal 

Rust Salt Removal 





Bruce Jenkins, Gosford, Central Coast, NSW

Bruce Jenkins Yanmar Before & After

First use was filling the engine’s cooling system with a 30% SX50 solution and leaving it to soak for a week. At the end of that week the brown colouration of the initial flushed discharge clearly showed something had changed. During a 30min run at the mooring at varying revs the engine operated as expected, with no unusual signs or sounds and the wet exhaust discharge quickly returned to its expected colour. The operating temperature seemed cooler for the time but the run was too short to gauge any real change.

The sequence of draining, refilling the cooling system with the SX50 mixture and leaving it for the week was repeated for a further 3 weeks. A similar coloured discharge occurred after each end-of- week flushing. After the 3rd week (4th flush) I noticed small white fragments were flushed out – yes! good to see! A check of the head cooling space showed it to be clean and the visible pores were open. The head bolt tensions were also checked and found to be ok. I have since taken the yacht for an extended run and found the operating temperature, particularly around the cylinder head, to be thankfully much cooler. I’m confident SaltOff has removed the cause of the engine’s overheating.

Out of this whole experience, I’ll now be using SaltOff as a regular maintenance agent. SX50 has provided a very effective solution to resolve what could have turned into a major engine problem to fix. Roll on the warmer sailing weather!

Bruce Jenkins, Gosford, Central Coast, NSW.

Steve Mackie Pro Fisherman

Steve Mackie Pro Fisherman Reels before and after

Steve Mackie Pro Fisherman: “You won’t believe it! I know I didn’t. My old reel had years of salt build up and corrosion and is now spotless after one overnight soak in the SX50 solution. It’s the best thing I’ve seen to stop salt corrosion.”

The photo's below say it all!!!

Corrosion Control-Salt-X  

Corrosion Control-SALT-X SX50 WORKSSalt Corrosion does not have to be a major problem. SX50 is simple to use, effective and safe on all surfaces which gives you the opportunity to enjoy your time on the water with your friends and family. When you get home you follow the simple instructions for removing salt and salt corrosion from your marine gear and your equipment will be corrosion free and ready for your next trip. Getting the salt away from your vulnerable surfaces is simple and by using SX50 on a regular basis you not only stop corrosion, you reduce maintenance costs and have a reliable vessel that is safe for those outings with family and friends.

Corrosion Control-SALT-X SX50 WORKSHighly engineered fishing reels require much more attention than many of the old alvey reels of years gone by. With regular corrosion maintenance after use you will not only stop salt damage on the reels surfaces but help reduce line damage caused by salt crystals. Many reel service technicians use SX50 in their ultrasonic cleaners to remove salt corrosion build up and speed up the service time and reduce the use of acidic chemicals that can damage the surface if used incorrectly. Read some of the testimonials on reels where once thought lost to corrosion have been saved by SX50

 Corrosion Control-Salt-X Fishing Tackle

 Corrosion Control-Salt-X

Boat WashFrom Navy ships to your aluminium runabout you only need one product to wash and remove the salt buildup in one easy process. You use Buster50 the same as any boat wash with the one big difference is our specially formulated product cleans, removes harmful salt, adds two metal protectors and a non oil based wax to the surface in one step. Many boat owners now realise that keeping your boat longer without having to spend large sums of money of corrosion control is as simple as replacing their boat wash for Buster50.


jetski accessoriesBoat Wash

Jetski maintenance is an important part of keeping your Jetski in a reliable condition. One jetski accessory which should be part of your maintenance program is SX50 and Boat & 4x4 Wash. The SX50 is ideal to get the salt away from your cooling surfaces in your engine and jet unit and don't forget your trailer. The Salt Off Boat & 4x4 Wash should be used instead of traditional boat wash on the jetski and you can also use SX50 as a bath to treat your wetsuit, boots, gloves and lifejacket.

 Jetski Accessories

Salt Corrosion-Salt-X

Corrosion Control-Salt-X SX50The biggest enemy to SCUBA equipment is salt corrosion buildup. BCD Inflator mechanisms and tank valves seem to suffer a lot of damage at the hands of salt. Using a bath of SX50 removes the salt which will stop any surface damage and keep your life support equipment functioning at its best between services. Many SCUBA Equipment manufacturers are recommending during SCUBA service to use our SX50 as the cleaning solution for SCUBA Equipment service. By using SX50 after every diving trip on your SCUBA equipment you will reduce the risk of failure and ruining a great day out.


Salt Corrosion-Salt-X

mining servicesExploration for minerals is hard on equipment. Many of the environments that the gear is required to operate in has harsh corrosive salts and minerals. Mining services are always on the lookout for safe biodegradable products to use on their plant to reduce corrosion and lower mining maintenance and running costs. Both SX50 and Boat & 4x4 Wash have been found very effective in mining, industrial and military applications. Both corrosion products are available in bulk quantities meaning mining service operations can treat and clean millions of dollars worth of plant and equipment quickly with lowered mining maintenance costs. Even if clean water is not available in remote locations salty water can be used with these products with the same great results.

 Fishing Reel Maintenance

Fishing Reel Service

Friends of mine found a rod and reel wedged in the rocks at Shoal Bay near Darwin and challenged me to show how good SX50 is, we soaked the reel for 48 hrs then disassembled and cleaned it with just a brush and cloth in fresh water.
The spool was non-existent due to corrosion so we replace it and both bearings, That’s All! No polishing, scrubbing or buffing, just wiping to remove the barnacles, brushing the mud out from the gears etc. rinsing and re-oiling! It is still being used each weekend and is working fine.
Corrosion Control by Salt Off if you value your boat and fishing gear you should be using SX50!!
Steve Jones

 SX50 is safe to use in your engines raw water cooling system and will not harm the environment. Laboratory and field tested SX50 is proven to remove harmful salt deposits effectively and leaves our exclusive metal protectors on the surface to coat your cooling system between uses.
Cooling System: During the normal operation of your engine salt deposits buildup. If these deposits are not removed the engines ability to run at the right temperature is affected and over time can damage your engine. This is caused by reduced water flow and ineffective heat exchange. SX50 will not harm impellers, gaskets or seals.
Corrosion: We all know how corrosive salt is and how quickly it can damage metal surfaces. Your engine cooling system is no different. Salt left in cooling galleries will eventually attack surfaces and corrode through the thin gallery walls causing major damage and repair costs.

The images illustrate the different flushing options available in many outboard engine cooling systems.

Image1: Shows the traditional flushing through the leg with a set of twin entry flushing muffs. The hose is coupled to our flushing reservoir then a short length of hose onto the muff. A good seal on the muffs is an advantage to reduce SX50 solution lose to maintain the correct dosage.

Image 2: Under the cowling there is a flexible hose which is factory plumbed into the cooling system which allows you to fit your flushing system hose to it then on to the reservoir and fit the garden hose to the other side.

Image 3: You will find in most cases a 3/4 inch BSP plug just below the cowling cover which you remove and replace with a male snap on garden fitting. You attach the reservoir hose to that fitting, connect the garden hose to the other side of the reservoir and start the flushing cycle.

All these method will achieve a good result whereby your cooling system will be flushed out with SX50 solution to remove corrosive salt and treat with protectants.

 Outboard Engine Flush System

Image 1

Engine Flush System

Image 2