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Product Test

Test guidelines:

  • This simple performance test has been conducted to highlight the two products performance capability against the control to help you understand that all products are not the same.
  • Three glass 600ml jars filled with salt water collected from Moreton Bay off Brisbane.
  • Three rusty steel bullet head nails were inserted into each jar as a baseline for the corrosion test as steel rust is easily seen for the comparison.
  • One jar had 20 mls of our SX50 added, One jar had 20 mls of Salt-away (a salt removal product) added even though they claim you need much less but to be fair we used equal amounts.
  • The control was left as it came from Moreton Bay.

Day One

Product Test SX50 and Salt-away




As you can see from the photo the three test bottles have been set up and we have observed the products over the next 30 days.




 Three Steel Bullet Head Nails used for the test. Product Test Rusty Nails

24 HoursProduct Test 24 hours

After 24 hours the control is showing signs of rapid rust buildup on the steel. The SX50 jar is still clear and the surface rust is gone with much of the heavy rust disappearing as well. The competition jar has changed dramatically with the blue colour falling out of solution and settling to the bottom of the jar. On close inspection of the nail the surface rust has been removed, however the heavy rust still remains on the nail.


72 HoursProduct Test Control 72 hours





After 72 hours the Control Bottle show significant rust buildup which gives you a good insight into how quickly bare metals are attacked by the corrosive sea water.





 Product Test Salt-away 72 hours 





 After 72 hours our competitions colour has fallen down badly and you can now see the steel nail has rust (dark shadows) still visible on the nail however there is no additional rust developing.





Product Test SX50 72 hours




The SX50 on the other hand shows a clean nail, the rust buildup has been removed completely and it is holding the nail in a pristine condition in sea water 3 days after immersion.







8 Days

Product Test Control 8 Days





As you can see from the photo the control is continuing to show signs of increased corrosion as it has no protection from the sea water and as we all know if left the salt will eventually destroy the nail to a point where it can not be used.







Product Test Salt-away 8 days




Our competition has shown no improvement, the nail still shows the heavy rust buildup and the water it starting to cloud up and the colour has fallen out of the product completely and because it is a proprietary formula it is hard to say whether all the ingredients are in the blue on the bottom or still held in suspension in the sea water.





 Product Test SX50 8 Days



The SX50 has cleaned the nail completely and appears to be protecting the nail in the seawater solution. We believe this is a pretty conclusive demonstration to prove that our SX50 is still the best value on the market with the best performance and we would hope that this simple test illustrates the true strength of each product and debunks the marketing hype as just that, "Marketing Hype".

You be the judge, try our product with our 100% money back guarantee.





                                                      30 Days

After the conclusion of the 8 day test period we elected to leave the test jars to see how long the products will last and what results we will achieve. At around the 30 day mark things started to change quite dramatically in one of the jars and at this stage we decided it was time to reveal the product we were using as a test sample to put up against the SX50 to put the debate to bed once and for all.

You be the judge, remember it is your boat and marine gear you are wanting to protect. I know which one I am going to continue to use!!!!

Salt-away vs. SX50 test image


 Here it is the 30 day photo as expected the centre control jar just keeps getting more rust build-up. Scroll down to get a closer look at the other two jars.



Salt-away test jar 30 days  



As you can see the water has gone a rusty colour, the nail has as much rust on it as it did when we started the test, the results are there for all to see. You draw your own conclusions. 





SX50 Test Jar 30 Days




Have a look at the SX50 sample and scroll back up the page to the early images for a comparison. No rust on the nail at all the product has remained stable in salt water for over 30 days.

This is a simple test anyone can do at home. There are no secrets so now our customers can make an informed choice when it comes to salt corrosion maintenance on their marine equipment. 


Salt Corrosion on nails at 1 month





These are the two nails removed from the solution allowed to dry and photographed.

I hope this test answers some questions that many people have in the back of their mind. I used the SX50 for 15 years on my charter boat and I know it works and this just confirms what I already know; SX50 really does work and it works well. 

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